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O-Town's Finest: O2
The Men


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Who Are The Members Of O-Town...






Ashley Parker Angel:

*D.O.B: Aug.1, 1981 in Redding, CA *HEIGHT: 6 Feet *HAIR: Blonde *EYES: Blue *PET: Dog (Chang) *PARENTS: Mom, Paula; Stepdad, Ron *SIBLINGS: Brother, Taylor; 2 Half sisters, Annie & Emily  *BOXERS or BRIEFS: Calvin Klein "Tighty-Whiteys" (according to Trevor)

Daniel Mark Miller:

*D.O.B: Sept. 4, 1980 in Lanconia, NH *HEIGHT: 6 Feet *HAIR: Brown *EYES: Blue *PERSONALITY: Humble, quiet & outgoing *FAMILY HOME: Twinsburg, Ohio (near Cleveland) *PARENTS: Mom, Angela; Dad, Mark *SIBLINGS: Sister, Allyson; brothers, Kevin & Adam*FAV. MUSIC: R&B

Jacob Christopher Underwood:

*D.O.B: Apr.25, 1980 in El Cajon, CA(near San Diego) *HEIGHT: 5'10 1/2" *HAIR: Dirty blonde (naturally)- in dreads: Dark brown/red *PARENTS: Mom, Mechele *SIBLINGS: Brother, Brian; sister, Danielle *INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Guitar, sax, piano, clarinet, bass & violin

Erik-Michael Estrada:

*D.O.B: Sept.23, 1979 in Bronx, NY *HEIGHT: 6'1" *HAIR: Dark Brown *EYES: Brown *PARENTS: Mom, Miky; Stepdad, Mel *HIGH SCHOOLS: Mount St. Michael in NYC & graduated from Melbourne H.S. in Florida *FAVORITE O-TOWN SONG: One Heart *POSSESSION: His cell phone *FAVORITE MEAL: Mom's veggie lasagne

Trevor Lee Scott Penick:

*D.O.B: Nov.16, 1979 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA *HEIGHT: 6'1" *HAIR: Brown *EYES: Brown *PARENTS: Mom, Doris; Dad, Clifton *SIBLINGS: Sisters, Traci, Rani & Vanessa *COLLEGE: CA State at Fullerton (Theater major) *FRATERNITY: Pi Kappa Phi (member #269) *CELEBRITY CRUSHES: Britney Spears & Alyssa Milano




**YM CHAT: 1/15/03** 
Thanks to Brittany of  and for all the information provided.

Transcript will be posted in a few days. Until then, here is some
information Brittany collected from the chat.

~ Abby turns 4 next month.
~ "I Showed Her" hits radio waves January 27th. When the date nears, they'll be doing some radio shows and TV shows as well as traveling.
~ O-Town is planning on touring sometime in the Spring.
~ They have something really special planned for the tour but can't tell anybody yet.
~ Dan is the only one with a girlfriend. Besides Jacob who is married to Janie.
~ The clothing line is still in it's infancy but when it's out, the
fans will surely know about it.
~ Ashley's favorite song to perform live is "Craving" because of the song and how they perform it. They bring the piano out, and Jacob and Dan are on guitar.
~ Erik's favorite song from the album is "From The Damage", Trevor's is "Craving", Ashley's is "Suddenly", Jacob's is "Craving" and Dan's is "I Showed Her".
~ Trevor's bad habbit is biting his nails and playing too much golf. Dan plays way too much XBox, Ashley is late all of the time and is getting lost in Walmart Superstores.
~ Trevor said one of the most embarrassing moments was when they performed on Miss America.
~ "American Game" wasn't on O2 becauseas a group they wrote about 50 songs for the album, and it was obviously impossible for every song to make the album. Dan said more people know "American Game" because it was put on TV but being the song isn't on the album doesn't mean we'll never hear it again.
~ Jacob says they fight about 3 times a year.
~ About the LFNY DVD: They'd been on tour for like 4 months straight and out of all night's they're backstage, Ashley grabs Jacob and asks him about a part of the choreography that he had forgotten after doing it for 4 straight months. When they got on stage they froze on that part and it had to be cute from the DVD.
~ Erik wishes there was a way they could interact more with the fans at shows and make their shows more interactive.
~ Dan started learning guitar about 2 years ago. He learned a a lot from Ashley and Jacob, as well as the crew and band they travel with. Dan says he pretty much dedicated himself to play guitar every night on the bus before he'd play video games.
~ Trevor explained they wouldn't specifically say 'no' to another
season of Making the Band, but after sepdning 3 years of their lives on camera, they're enjoying the time off. He said who knows, they might revisit for a reunion episode because they like having the fans watch their lives.
~ Ashley would never have them dress in matching Sean-Sean ever again!
~ Erik has thought about recording songs in Spanish. It's something he's been thinking about even more intensely as of late. He would love to begin the whole project by translating one of O-Town's songs they've already sung together.
~ Ashley never got his Sumo-wrestling re-match!
~ Ashley says it's the most amazing feeling to connect to a single fan and sing an entire verse all the way through with a person. And to see so many fans singing every song off the new album, it's just an incredible feeling. Fans who are just as passionate about what they're doing on stage is what makes someone in the crowd stand out. Or the 4 foot long, giant sombrero never hurts!
~ Ashley's German hasn't improved since his family came from big oranges. And he feels that there will be many more oranges to come!
~ Dan says he's probably the furthest thing from a rock star a person can get. Unless there is a secret society of rock stars that stay inside and watch TV all the time.
~ Erik says they've met a lot of cool celebrities, but his favorite
to date would have to be Robbie Williams.
~ One of the coolest celebrities Ashley has met is Steve-o from
~ Erik doesn't throw out towels to the audience anymore because all he wears is camoflauge pants!
~ Erik says they've learned to communicate better with each other. And with communication, you help all the aspects of a relationship, or in his case, his bandmates.
~ When asked if they've gotten more used to thousands of people they don't know having pictures of them on their walls and knowing intimate details about their lives, Ashley says it's a no. Erik says it'll never be normal.
~ O-Town was voted for Band of the Millenium by "Operation I Do" (not sure what that is), and Erik replied "To be recognized foranything that you do is always special and always a great incentive to keep on working."
~ If O-Town could colaborate with another group/artist Erik says it would be Sade because he's always appreciated her music. Erik also loves Nelly Furtado. He says she brings a fresh, funky vibe to music he likes a lot. Dan said Michael Jackson would be fun to work with. Ashley would love to work with Steven Jenkins from Third Eye Blind as well as Elton John.

O-Town Share Their Faves Of 2001!

Dan Miller:

Top 10 Things I'd Wish For If I Had 10 Wishes:
1. The world would be rid of morning breath, bad breath, and garlic breath because nothing is worse than trying to have a conversation with someone who has bad breath.
2. That lima beans would never be consumed by an unwilling child ever again.
3. People who are constantly late for no reason will unknowingly have their watches set 15 minutes fast so they will know what it feels like to wait on people.
4. Cigarettes and smoking would be extinguished and never be thought about again.
5. Both Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson would be given eternal life without aging so everyone could experience their greatness.
6. That everyone will receive what they deserve.
7. That there would be 10 more hours added to every day so that no matter how busy I was, I always had time to fly home and sleep in my own bed.
8. All people will eventually find their soul-mate and know what true love really is.
9. That sadness would be eliminated as an emotion to make room for more happiness.
10. I'd wish for 10 more wishes because anyone who has wishes and doesn't wish for more is a fool.

Trevor Penick:

Top 10 Reasons Why Christmas is My Favorite Holiday:
1. I have time off and get to be with my family.
2. The expressions on my little nieces and nephews faces when they open their presents.
3. I love going to malls and enjoying all the Christmas decorations and the Joy on everyone's faces.
4. Waking up and watching NBA on NBC with my dad.
5. The hope that maybe once in my life Southern California will have a white Christmas and I'll get to build a snowman.
6. Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, olives, homemade macaroni & cheese, and sparkling cider. 7. I love going to the city of Chino with my best friends and singing Christmas carols while we walk though the neighborhood looking at "the lights."
8. Watching Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Garfield Christmas, and It's a Wonderful Life every year and pretending that it's the first time I ever seen them.
9. I love the sentimental commercials that come on TV that make people love the holidays.
10. Because there's no school... enough said.

Ashley Parker Angel:

Top 10 Things To Do Someday:
1. Sail the world with no particular place to go.
2. Read all the books considered to be "classic literature."
3. Skydive.
4. Build a 1969 Super Short Camaro from the ground up.
5. Meet Michael Jackson and have a meaningful conversation.
6. Always have true happiness.
7. Read The Bible all the way through.
8. Write, direct, and star in a film I create from the screenplay to the theatre.
9. Win an Oscar and a GRAMMY.
10. Live forever.